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by John van Wyhe

'List of Members of the Phrenological Association, at 19th September 1840 [with dates from 27 Aug 1839 of persons who joined],' Phrenological Journal, 13, 1841, pp. 119-23 and 'List of Additional Members', pp. 338-40.

[page] 119

III. List of Members of the Phrenological Association, at 19th September 1840.



George Combe, Esq.



Sir G. S. Mackenzie, Bart. F.R.S. L. & E.

W. C. Trevelyan, Esq. F.R.S.E.

Professor Evanson, M.D., M.R.I. A.

Edward Barlow, M.D.



Joshua Toulmin Smith, Esq.

Hewett C. Watson, Esq.



James M'Clelland, Esq.

R. S. Cunliff, Esq.

Dr Robert Hunter, Professor of Anatomy in the Andersonian University.

Dr Hutcheson. Dr Maxwell.

A. J. D. D'Orsey, Esq. Dr Weir.


1839. August 27.-James Simpson, advocate, Edinburgh, M.P.S. ; W. Hawkes Smith, notary, Birmingham, M.B.A. (deceased) ; John Isaac Hawkins, civil engineer, Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London, M.P.S. ; Joshua Toulmin Smith, barrister, now in the United States, M.B.A. ; Hewett C. Watson, Thames-Ditton, Surrey, M.B.A. ; Simon Logan, artist, "Wallworth, London, M.P.S. ; James Inglis, M.D. Halifax, graduate of Edinburgh ; William Coreless, surgeon, Preston, M.P.S.; Samuel Hare, surgeon, Leeds, M.B.A.; George Thompson, Madeley, Shropshire, M.B.A. ; James M'Clelland, accountant, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; W. R. Lowe, Wol-verhampton, M.B.A.

1840. May 16.-Cornelius Donovan, 8 King William Street, West Strand, London, M.P.S.

May 17-Andrew Carmichael, attorney, Dublin, M.R.I.A.

* The names of members are arranged according to the dates of their applications for enrolment. To each name and address is added the qualification on which the applicant was admitted. M.P.S. signifies Member of the Phrenological Society of the town where the person resides, except where otherwise specified. M.B.A. means " Member of the British Association." The other abbreviations do not require to be explained,

[page] 120

May 18.-Richard Carmichael, surgeon, Dublin, M.R.I.A. ; Neville Wood, Campsall Hall, Doncaster, Hon. M.P.S. Warring-ton ; David Nicol, surgeon, Swansea, M.R.C.S. ; Richard Cafdwell. architect, Blackburn, M.P.S. ; Charles Bray, Coventry, M.B.A. ; E. J. Hytche, law-stationer, 2 Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn, London, recommended by two members.

May 19.-Robert Walker, M.D. Greenock, graduate of Glasgow ; W. A. F. Browne, M.D. Dumfries, M.P.S. Edin. ; Patrick Neill, LL.D. printer, Edinburgh, F.R.S.E.; William Jackson, surgeon, West Bromwick, Staffordshire, M.R.C.S.

May 20.-Henry G. Atkinson, architect, 18 Upper Gloucester Place, London, F.G.S.

Men/ 21.-Robert Ainslie, writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, M.P.S. ; Patrick Clerihew, Aberdeen, graduate of Aberdeen ; John Connon, Aberdeen, graduate of Aberdeen.

May 25.-Arthur Trevelvan, Wallington, Northumberland, M P.S. Edin.; George G.'Bird, M.D. Swansea, M.R.C.S.; John P. Lynill, salesman, 38 Mosley Street, Manchester, M.P.S.

May 28.-James Robertson, surgeon, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. May 29.-John Rylands, manufacturer, Warrington, M.P.S.; Peter Rylands, manufacturer, Warrington, M.P.S. ; George Johnston, 16 Regent Square, London, recommended by two members.

May 30.-Joseph Moore, M.D. 10 Saville Row, London, member of the Royal Médico-Chirurgical Society, &c. ; Richard Poole, M.D. Montrose, F.R.C.P.E.

June 1.-F. C. Goodwin, M.D. Mosley Street, Manchester, graduate of Edinburgh ; T. B. Lloyd, 40 Mosley Street, Manchester, M.P.S.

June 2.-William Stark, Norwich, F.G.S.

June 4.-E. J. Holm, medical student, 106 High Street, Portsmouth, recommended.

June 6.-G. R. Rylands, manufacturer, Warrington, M.P.S.

June 8.-John Molyneux, Catholic priest, Warrington, M.P.S. ; Daniel Noble, surgeon, Manchester, M.P.S.

June 11.-John Dennistoun, merchant, Greenock, M.P.S.

June 13.-Alexander Rodger, Greenock, M.P.S. ; Thomas H. M. Dutton, 25 Milsom Street, Bath, M.P.S.

June 18.-James Marr, M.D. 25 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, graduate of Edinburgh.

July 4.-Nicholas Adam, surgeon, Lymington, Hants, licentiate of Apothecary's Company.

July 10.-Alex. Hood, surgeon, Kilmarnock ; John Miller,

[page] 121

surgeon, Kilmarnock ; John Thompson, surgeon, Kilmarnock ; Robert Crawford, publisher, Kilmarnock ; John Crooks, surgeon, Kilmarnock ; F. G. P. Neison, actuary, Kilmarnock ; all recommended.

July 11.-A. G. Hunter, hatter, Glasgow, M.B.A. ; Andrew Leighton, manufacturer, Redcross Street, Liverpool, M.P.S.

July 13.-Edward Stallard, clerk, 23 New Bond Street, Bath, M.P.S.

July 14.-James Bunton, merchant, Glasgow, M.P.S.

July 16.-William Robson, postmaster, Warrington, M.P.S.

July 18.-William Weir, M.D. Glasgow, M.P.S.

July 20.-Richard Beamish, civil engineer, Sans Souci, Prestbury, Cheltenham, F.R.S.

July 22.-Abram Cox, M.D. London, graduate of Edinburgh.

July 23.-John Maxwell, M.D. Glasgow, graduate of Glasgow.

July 28. -William Tait, surgeon, 8 Hill Place, Edinburgh ; recommended.

Aug. 1.-Robert Kaye, merchant, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Aug. 3.-Adolphus Kiste, Liverpool, M.P.S. ; W. J. Ver-non, Liverpool, M.P.S.

Aug. 6.-Duncan Morrison, merchant, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Aug. 14.-Richard Cull, professor of elocution, 14 Caroline Street, Bedford'Square, London, M.B.A.

Aug. 18.-Rev. W. R. Evans," Kingsland Rectory, Leomin-ster, graduate of Cambridge ; William Gumming, at J. Bartholomew and Company's, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Aug. 19.-J. B. Anderson, Ingram Street, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; Robert Forbes, at Cuthbertson & Tweedie's, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; John Grattan, chemist, Belfast, recommended.

Aug. 20-Frederick Gould, chemist, Kingston, Surrey ; recommended.

Aug. 21.-Rev. William Whitear, Brockdish, Scole, Norfolk, graduate of Cambridge.

Aug. 22.-Samuel Eadon, schoolmaster, Pisgah Vale, near Sheffield, graduate of Edinburgh.

Aug. 24.-Andrew Bain, printer, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Aug. 25.-James O'Beirne, M.D. graduate of Edinburgh.

Aug. 26.-George Dalton, banker, Dudley, recommended ; Samuel Dalton, clerk, Dudley, recommended ; W. B. Hodge, writer, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Aug. 27.-W. B. Hodgson, Secretary of the Liverpool Me-

[page] 122

chanics' Institution, M. Edin. Ethical Soc. ; William Hancock jun. Wiveliscombe, Somerset, recommended.

Aug. 31.-W. J. Morgan, M.D. 4 Parago Buildings, Bath, F.R.C.P. Dublin ; E. T. Craig, Nottingham, M.P.S.

Sept. 1.-Thomas Wilson, Blackburn, Lancashire, M.P.S; C. J. S. Jackson, manufacturer, Heaton Street, Blackburn, formerly M.P.S. Preston ; James L. Drummond, M.D. Belfast, graduate of Edinburgh.

Sept. 2.-James Kennedy, M.D. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, graduate of Glasgow ; William Dewes, attorney, recommended ; John Stirling, civil engineer, Aberdeen, M.P.S. ; H. P. L. Drew, surgeon, 33 Torrington Square, London, Member of the Medico-Chirurg. Soc. ; H. G. Wright, Secretary to the Edin. and Glasgow Railway Co., M.B.A.

Sept. 3.-James Deville, lamp-seller, Strand, London, F.Z.S. ; M. B. Sampson, clerk in the Bank of England, London, recommended.

Sept. 4.-A. W. Paulton, Bolton, Lancashire, recommended ; Robert Patterson, ironmonger, Belfast, M.B.A. ; Charles Gary Elwcs, Bath, M.P.S. ; Bryan Donkin, civil engineer, Paragon, Old Kent Road, London, F.R.S. ; Robert Maugham, attorney, Chancery Lane, London, Member of an incorporated Law Society.

Sept. 5.-Nicholas Brewer, 29 Mitre Street, Great Charlotte Street, Lambeth, Member of the London Anthropological Society ; John Scott, M.D. Edinburgh, graduate of Edin. ; Charles Randolph, millwright, Glasgow, M.P.S.; Alexander Faulkner, cashier of the Commercial Bank, Newcastle, recommended ; Charles Cowan, M.D. now or formerly of Bath, graduate of Edin. ; Edward Jackson, surgeon, Chaddesley Cor-bett, near Kidderminster, M.R.C.S. ; Charles J. Gast, 28 Hanway Street, Oxford Street, London, Member of the Phren. Class, Lond. Mech. Inst. ; Richard S. Cuniiff, merchant, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; John Liddell, manufacturer, Glasgow, M.P.S.

Sept. 6.-William Gregory, M.D. Aberdeen, F.R.S.K. ; G. R. Lewes, artist, 2 Berner's Street, London, M.P.S. ; Robert Marshal], builder, Argyle Street, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; James Muir, merchant, Greenock, M.P.S.

Sept. 8.-James Morgan, merchant, Argyle Street, Glasgow, M.P.S.; William Stewart, merchant, Candleriggs, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; Robert Cox, writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, M.P.S.

Sept. 9.-William Cargill, merchant, Charlotte Square, Newcastle, M.P.S. ; D. G. Goyder, dissenting minister. Glasgow, M.P.S.; William Johnstone, Blackburn, M.P.S.

[page] 123

Sept. 10.-Robert Rettie, brass-founder, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; James Smith, manufacturer, Deanston Works, near Doune, M.B.A.

Sept. 11.-Thomas Henderson, clothier, 15 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; James E. Harvey, merchant, Buchanan Street, Glasgow, M.P.S. ; Andrew Muir, Greenock, M.P.S. ; Thomas Witherington, chemist, Blackburn, M.P.S. ; John Sharpless, cotton-spinner, Blackburn, M.P.S.; J. L. Levison, dentist, 25 Upper Temple Street, Birmingham, recommended ; Andrew Combe, M.D. Edinburgh, M.P.S.

Sept. 12.-Alex. Stuart, merchant, Greenock, M.P.S. ; John G. Gullan, teacher, Glasgow, graduate of Glasgow ; J. H. Bally, merchant, Liverpool, M.P.S. ; J. C. Duncan, manufacturer. Liverpool, M.P.S.; David Thorn, minister, Liverpool, M.P.S.

Sept. 15.-Peter Robertson, teacher, M.P.S. Glasgow; James B. Crease, merchant, Edinburgh, M.P.S.

Sept. 17.-Henry Smeaton, writer, Glasgow, M.B.A. ; John Macharg, merchant, Glasgow, recommended; A. J.D. D'Orsey, teacher, Glasgow High School, M.P.S. ; John R. Robertson, writer to the Signet, Glasgow, recommended ; W. W. Mitchell, merchant, Glasgow, recommended ; George Mitchell, merchant, Glasgow, recommended.

Sept 18.-John Elliot, millwright, Glasgow, M.B.A. ; Daniel Macrohie, paper-maker. Bridge of Allan, Stirling, M.B.A. ; William Burns, writer, Glasgow, recommended; Sir Francis A. Mackenzie, Bart. Gairloch, Dingwall, M.B.A. ; Peter Mac-intyre, M.D. 25 Slater Street, Liverpool, M.P.S. ; George Taylor, merchant, Ayr. recommended.

Sept. 19.-T. H. Bastard, 110 Great Titchfield Street, Regent Street, London, recommended ; Bindon Blood, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh, M.P.S.; William McKerrell, Paisley, M.B.A. ; William Thomson, Bellfield, Glasgow, M.B.A.

[page] 338

4.-List of Additional Members of the Association*

P. R. Arrowsmith, Bolton, Lancashire ; W. M. Adams, 12 Laura Place, Bath ; - Black, M. D., Edinburgh ; William Bally, 54 King Street, Manchester ; Francis B. Beamish, M.P., Cork ; James P. Browne, M. D., 32 Cadogan Street, Sloane Street, London ; - Baird, M. D., Duke Street, Liverpool ; Francis Bennock, 35 Wood Street, Cheapside, London ; B. Bernasconi, 19 Alfred Place, Bedford Square, London ; J. S. Buckingham, 4 Camden Terrace, Camden New Town ; William Brewster, Waterloo House, Pall Mall, London ; Thomas Brettingham, 14 Endsleigh Street, Tavistock Square, London; John Conolly, M. D., Lunatic Asylum, Hanwell, Middlesex ; Thomas dough, Blackburn, Lancashire ; H. B. Churchill, barrister, 2'Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn ; Henry Clarke, surgeon, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey ; Thomas Coates, 59 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London ; Robert Chambers, publisher, Edinburgh ; William Case, surgeon, Fareham, Hants ; Professor Charles Caldwell, M. D., Louisville, United States ; Francis R. Conder, civil engineer, Holly Terrace, Highgate ; George Dudley, Swansea ; Frederick Dover, surgeon, 54 Great Coram Street, Russell Square ; J. Durieux, Angel Place, Worcester ; Bryan Donkin junior, Paragon, New Kent Road, Surrey ; John Donkin, Paragon, New Kent Road, Surrey ; J. Deni-son, Halifax ; Frederick Dawes Danvers, Lancaster Place, London ; John Elliotson, M. D., F.R.S., 37 Conduit Street, London ; Richard W. Edwards, 63 Great Russell Street, London ; John Forbes, M.D., 12 Old Burlington Street ; William Farr, General Register Office, London ; James Fairhead, sur-

* See former list, p. 119 of this volume.-ED.

[page] 339

geon, 51 Goswell Street, London ; Robert Frampton, R. N., Weymouth ; Charles Greville, M. D., Bath ; W. B. S. Gardiner, Roche Court, Fareham, Hants ; T. Greening, Warring-ton, Lancashire ; John Glendinning, 77 Portland Street, Man-ehester ; William A. Greatorex, solicitor, 70 Upper Norton Street, London ; Hunter Gordon, barrister, Devereux Court, Temple, London; Lord Douglas G. Hallyburton, M.P. ; W. Hardy, 6 Foley Terrace, Pentonville ; Charles Hooper, surgeon, Cheltenham ; C. Hewett, 9 King's Row, Pentonville ; William Hering, surgeon, 14 Foley Place, London ; J. D. Holm, Highgate, London ; H. Haley Holm, surgeon, 2 Frederick Street, Connaught Square ; John Hawksham, F.G.S., Manchester; A. P. Herrmann, Cork; Joseph Heath, solicitor, Chesham, Bucks ; R. W. Heurtley, Bank of England ; G. E. Hering, 4 Southampton Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; Frederick Hering, Duke Street, Portland Place ; David Jameson, M. D. Newtonwards, Down, Ireland ; the Rev. G. B. Jermyn, LL.B., Swaffham Priory, Newmarket ; William Johnson, Grosvenor Wharf, Westminster ; Samuel Joseph, 41 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; Thomas Jennings, Cork ; R. C. Kirby, 8 Cumberland Place. New Road, London ; Abram King, Bridgewater, Somerset; Hudson Lowe, London; Robert Leigh, solicitor, Heywood, Manchester ; Charles Henry Lovell, solicitor, Furmval's Inn, London ; James Lane, solicitor, Chancery Lane, London ; J. A. Legard, Commander, R. N., 11 Montague Street, Portman Square, London ; Philip Bennet Lucas, surgeon, 12 Argyle Street, London ; Charles Meymott, surgeon, 59 Stamford Street, London ; John Morrison, 2 Surrey Place, Old Kent Road ; George Miller, surgeon, Emsworth, Hants ; Thomas Mann, General Register Office, London ; William Miller, Bank of England ; Matthew Marshall, chief cashier, Bank of England ; Frederick Morgan, Clifton ; Henry Mosely, Rowland Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; A. 0. Molesworth, Fareham, Hants ; Charles Morgan, Charlotte Street, Queen Square, Bristol ; Robert R. Noel, Rosawitz, Tetschen,.über Dresden ; Peter Niddrie, M.D., assistant-surgeon, H.M.S. Princess Charlotte; J. S. Nodin,merchant, 23 Crutched Friars, London ; Alexander Nasmyth, dentist, George Street, Hanover Square, London ; Professor Otto, M.D., Copenhagen ; Thomas Oldham, civil engineer, Bank of England ; John Patterson, surgeon, Park Head, Glasgow ; George Reid, 14 Leadenhall Street, London ; J. Q. Rumball, surgeon ; H. D. Richards, 4 Richmond Terrace, East Street, Walworth, Surrey ; Alexander Robertson, 23 Portland Terrace, Regent's Park, London ; Miss Ritchie, 5 Woodland Terrace, Trafalgar Road, Greenwich;

[page] 340

Richard Rothwell, 31 Devonshire Street, Portland Place ; George Rudall, 37 London Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; Edward Stone, Waterloo House, Pall Mall East, London; John Syme, Edinburgh ; J. B. Sedgwick, College of Physicians, London ; J. S. Streeter, surgeon, 20 Harpur Street, London ; Edmond S. Symes, surgeon, 38 Hill Street, Berkeley Square, London ; - Stallard, 1 Rochfort Place, Bath ; James Straton, Aberdeen ; Samuel Solly, surgeon, St Helen's Place, Bishopsgate, London ; W. W. Simpson, 8 Montague Place, Russell Square, London ; Charles A. Tulk, 19 Duke Street. Westminster ; Edward A. Turley, Worcester ; Theyer L.Townsend, Bishop's Cleave, Cheltenham ; George F.Thorpe, Fareham, Hants; Thomas Uwins, R. A., 41 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; Walter Wilson, Pulteney Street, Bath ; F.rasmus Wilson, surgeon, 55 Upper Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London ; James Watson, Bath ; William Wood, surgeon, 58 Charlotte Street, Portland Place, London ; W. S. B. Woolhouse, 26 Cornhill, London.

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