Phrenological bust by LN FowlerPhrenological bust by LN FowlerThe History of Phrenology on the Web

by John van Wyhe

Individuals mentioned on this site

Henry George Atkinson

J. Barber

L. J. Beale

Charles Bray

Pierre-Paul Broca

Carl Gustav Carus

William Carpenter

Robert Chambers

Andrew Combe

George Combe

James De Ville

Cornelius Donovan

James George Davey

T.I.M. Forster

O.S. Fowler

L.N. Fowler

Franz Joseph Gall

Phineas Gage

John Gordon

Sir William Hamilton

Bernard Hollander

Francis Jeffrey

J. G. Lavater

H. Lundie

Rev. G.C. Rankin

Johann Gaspar Spuzheim

Carl Wernicke

Mattieu Williams


For further individuals on this site be sure to try the search engine and:

-'List of Members of the Phrenological Association, at 19th September 1840 [with dates from 27 Aug 1839 of persons who joined],' Phrenological Journal, 13, 1841, pp. 119-23 and 'List of Additional Members', pp. 338-40.

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