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-'LIST OF MEMBERS OF THE [Edinburgh] PHRENOLOGICAL SOCIETY' & 'PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHRENOLOGICAL SOCIETY' from the [Edinburgh] Phrenological Journal, 3, (1826), pp. 476-81.







Instituted 22d February, 1820.




PRESIDENT.-William Scott, Esq.


VICE PRESIDENTS.......Dr Andrew Combe; James Bridges, Esq.; Dr Richard Poole; Rev. Robert Buchanan.


COUNCIL.-Samuel Joseph; James Simpson; James Law, jun.; Benjamin Bell; Geo. Combe; M. N. M'Donald.


SECRETARY.-George Lyon, W.S.





Dates of



March 20, 1820.-F. J. Gall, M.D. Paris; J. G. Spurzheim, MD Paris.




Dates of Admission.

March 20, 1820.-Bryan Donkin, Civil Engineer, London.

June 30.-Andrew Carmichael, Solicitor, Rutland Square, Dublin; J. H. Earle, Harley Street, London.

January 29, 1821.-Prideaux John Selby, of Twizel House, Northumberland, Author of Illustrations of British Ornithology, M.W.S.





March 26.-Major-General Joseph Straton of Kirkside, F.R.S.E.

November 27.-Matthew Allen, M.D. York; Charles Caldwell, M.D. Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, Teacher of Materia Medica, and Tan of the Faculty in the Medical Department of Transylvania University, Lexington,

Kentucky, United States; John rrorbett, Surgeon, Paisley. November 22, 1822.-John Findlay, Merchant, Paisley; Andrew Alexander Royer, of' the Administration Office, Jar-din du Roi, Paris.

November 22.-John Elliotson, M.D. Physician to St Thomas's Hospital, London.

January 27.-A. Menzies, Assistant Surgeon, half-pay, 21st Dragoons, India.

- 31.-George Rennie, younger of Phantassie.

February 28.-John Butter, M.D. Plymouth, F.R.S.L., M.W.S.; Alexander Hood, Surgeon, Kilmarnock.

April 25.-Adam Hunter, M.D. Leeds, Member of the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, Vhysidan to the House of Recovery, Leeds, and Secretary to the Philosophical Society there.

November 28.-Börge Anton Hoppe, M.D. Copenhagen.

March 6, 1823.-George Murray Paterson, M.D. Assistant Surgeon, Honourable East India Company's Service, Bengal Establishment, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta; William Wagner, M.D. Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at Berlin.

April 17.-Thomas Buchanan, Licentiate of the University of Glasgow, and Surgeon to the Hull Dispensary for Diseases of the Eye and Ear.

May 1.-David Ross, Surgeon, Royal Navy; Reverend John Grierson, Minister of Dumblane; Captain John Ross, Royal Navy.

January 22, 1824.-The Members of the London Phrenological Society.





February 5.-Colin Smith, Bocaird, near Inverary; J. E. A. Sadler, M.D. St Christopher's.

April 15.-Rev. Frederick Leo, Mecklenburg Schwerin.

- 29.-James C. Miller, Stranraer, Wigtonshire; John Vandenhoff, Theatre Royal, Liverpool.

November 11.-Dr John Bell, Philadelphia; Dr B. H. Coates, Philadelphia.

-- 25.-Alex. Chalmers, M.D. Glasgow; C. Otto, M.D. Copenhagen.

December 9.-Robert T. Sandeman, Honourable East India Company's Service; George Douglas Cameron, M.D. Liverpool

January 20, 1825.-John Macarthur, Esq. Belfast.

April 14.7-Frederic Leighton, M.D. St Petersburg.




February 22, 1 820.-George Combe, Writer to the Signet; James Brownlee, Advocate; Andrew Combe, M.D.; Rev. David Welsh, Minister of Crossmichael.

March 7.-Alexander Fleming, Writer to the Signet. April 4.-William Ritchie, Solicitor in Supreme Courts of Scotland.

- 17.-Rev. Alexander Stewart, Minister of Douglas. June 30.-Robert Willis, M.D.; Sir George Stewart Mackenzie, Bart. of Coul, F.R.S.L. & E., &c.; James Stewart, Engraver.

November 28.-James Law, W.S. ; Rev. Robert Buchanan, St Ninian's; William Calverly Trevelyan, Wallington, Northumberland, University College, Oxford, M.W.S. & M. G.S.; Captain Thomas Brown, F.R.S. & M.W.S.; William Fraser, Writer to the Signet; LIndsay Mackersy, Account) ant; Richard Poole, M.D.; Patrick Neill, F.R.S.E. and SeC. Wern. Nat. Hist. Soc. and Cal. Hort. Soc., &c.

December 11.-Robert Hamilton, M.D. F.R.S.E., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh; James Ash- well of Nottingham ; Alexander Buchanan, Writer, Glasgow. -- 26.-Samuel Joseph, Sculptor.

January 15, 1821.-George Knight, English Academy, George Street; James Maitland Hog, Advocate, M.W.S.

-- 29.-John Shank More, Advocate, F.R.S.E.; David Bridges, junior, F.A.S. and Member of the Wern Nat. Hist. Soc.

31.-W. C. Macdonald; Surgeon, Royal Inflmarry; William Brown, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh; John Calthrop Williams, M.D. Sheffield.

February 26.-Robert Everest, University College, Oxford; Benjamin Bell, F. R. College of Surgeons, .London and Edinburgh.

March 12.-David Clyne, Solicitor in Supreme Courts of Scotland.

- 26.-Rev. Thomas Irvine, Assistant Minister of Lundie and Foulis; John Robertson Sibbald, M.D.; William Douglas, Miniature-Painter.

April 9.-J. S. Pratt, Hanover Street; John F. Macfarlan, Surgeon.

November 22.-William Davidson, younger of Muirhouse; Walter Tod, 2, Buccleuch Street; John Anderson; junior, Bookseller; Thomas Elliotson of Jesus College, Cambridge; Richard Abell, M.D.

December 6.-Peter Couper, Writer to the Signet; William Waddell, Writer to the Signet.

January 17, 1822.-William Bonar, F.R.S.E. Banker, Edinburgh.

-- 31.-James Spittal, junior, Merchant, Edinburgh.

February 28.-William Smith, Greek and Latin Academy, 3, Albany Street.

April 11.-Thomas Scott, Accountant.

25.-Adam Gibb Ellis, Writer to the Signet, M.W.S.

November 28.-William Scott, Writer to the Signet.



December 12.-Robert Ellis, Writer, Albany Street; Patrick Gibson, Landscape-Painter, Dollar Academy.

January 9, 1823.-Charles James Fox Orr, Writer to the Signet;

April 3.-Captain William Cargill, Edinburgh; James Simpson, Advocate; J&mes Bridges, Writer to the Signet; George Lyon, Writer to the Signet; Thomas Uwins, Historical Painter, London.

December 11.-James Tod, Writer to the Signet.

January 8, 1824.-John Scott, M.D.

- 22.-John O'Donnell, M.D. L.B. Latitiw Parisiorum, &c. ; William Gray, 17, Pilrig Street.

February 5.-Hon. D. Gordon Hallyburton, Hallyburton House; Thcimas Buchanan, Merchant, Leith; John Over-end; M.D. London.

March 4.-Matthew Norman Macdonald, Writer to the Signet; William R. Henderson, younger of Warriston.

April 1.-William Ellis, Solicitor of Supreme Courts in Scotland. W. A. F. Browne, Surgeon, Edinburgh; John Cox, Gorgie Mill:

December 9.-Rev. James Whitson. 13.-Thomas Lees, Writer, Edinburgh.

January 20, 1825.-Francis Farquharson, M.D. February 17.-Andrew Clarke, 7, Hill Street, Edinburgh.

March 3.-John Morrison, Portrait Painter.

- 17. Patrick B. Mure, Advocate.

- 81.-Andrew Scott, 2, James' Place, Leith. April 14.-Patrick Tennant, W.S.

December 1.-William Slate, Accountant.

- 15.-Thos. Megget, W.S.

January 5, 1826.-John Burn Murdoch, Advocate. February 16.-Rev. Gilbert Wardlaw, Minister of Albany Street Chapel.

March 16.-Timothy Burstall, Engineer, Leith; John Epps, Student of Medicine.

April 27.-Robert Contart de la Condamine, 8, Bellevue Crescent; William Stewart Watson, Miniature Painter, 30, Castle Street.  


April 6, 1826. -An extraordinary meeting of the Society was held, when Mr Lyon read an Essay on the Phrenological Causes of the diffcrent Degrees of Liberty enjoyed by different Nations-Part IV. Comparison of Monarchical and Republican Forms of Government, illustrated from the Governments and political History of the Swiss.

April 13.-Mr Lyon read Part V. of the above Essay, being a Comparison of Monarchical and Republican Forms of Government, illustrated from the Governments and political 'Histories of the Swiss and the Dutch.

April 27.-Dr A. Combe read a Notice of the Cases of Lecouffe and Feldtmann, executed at Paris for Murder in 1823, with some Remarks on the Question of their Insanity, and a Contrast between their Manifestations and those of Jean Pierre, in whom the Disease was proved to be simulated. - The following donations were presented :—Cast of the head, and also of the skull, of Luscombe, executed at Exeter for murder, transmitted by Mr Trevelyan; cast of a hydrocephalic head, by Mr James Miller, surgeon, Perth.-Mr R. C. de la Condamine, Bellevue Crescent, and Mr W. Stewart Watson, miniature painter, Edinburgh, were unanimously admitted Ordinary Members. The Society then adjourned for the present session.


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